Good day everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself -

My name is Ericka Crout, I work for Aries Charter Transportation in Chicago. I've been on board here for about 4 months, previously worked at Pontarelli Co. in Chicago.

Aries hired me to expand their affiliate network as I have many local connections and the know-how.

Currently, I am exploring new software options. We are running DriveWare and I feel like it's extremely lacking, time consuming and so redundant. I personally have experience with Livery Coach and a little time with Odyssey. Going from Livery Coach to DriveWare was just...devastating. I miss Livery Coach! However, this is an opportunity for me to explore other options. So I've been snooping through some of the forums and reading through, I'll be setting up live demos with my top contenders for my bosses to experience.

Thanks for all the input and knowledge everyone has/will share.

Ericka E. Crout
Aries Charter Transportation Inc.
Administrative and Operations Coordinator