I have been using Limo Anywhere for several years in my own business and have thought of a few ideas of options I would like. So I have found a few programmers that wanted to help. They have already started developing several options but are looking for ideas for more features.

In the next few weeks we should be ready to launch a Automated Driver Wake UP system. We are testing the system now. After setting a few options our Driver Wake Up system will sync with LA and automatically calculate the time a driver should confirm. The system will then text message the driver. If they don't reply to the text message then they will receive an automated call. If the driver confirms on either the text message or automated call, then you will receive an email stating the driver has confirm he/she is awake. If they don't confirm them the system will email and or call an supervisor to alert them that the driver has not confirm. There are more options but this is the basic concept.

We are also working on a automated driver status system and a screen pop up option for the dispatchers. The automated driver statuses will allow you to give one phone out for all your chauffeurs. When any one call the number they will be asked to enter the reservation number or the system can find the trip by Caller ID. If the trip is within the time frame you select, such as 2 hours prior to trip and 2 hour after the trip the system will tell them what the current status is and when it was last changed. You will also be able to configure when the call can be forwarded to the drivers cell without giving them the drivers number... Yes it will also work by text message. I will release more features as it gets closer to testing.

I'm wanting to start working on other features such as Quickbooks integration. I am open for any ideas that you have for added features.

Please contact me directly at gary@affts.com with you ideas or for more information. If you want to be contact when the above features are released and ready send me an email and request to be added to the mailing list.