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    Okay ladies and gentleman, I have to ask you this question. If you won the jackpot what would you do with your business? Keep in mind that nothing in this world would be out of reach to you if you won so would you continue to operate or walk away?

    Ready, set, go...........

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    I would farm out all booked jobs and pay for them myself giving my limo buds huge tips.

    My number would be rolled over to a limo bud.

    I'll be visiting Geoff (Limo King) in San Diego looking for a beach spot to park a rad RV and spend the rest of my days chilling and checking out the beach babes.
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    I do like Gunny's idea.

    Give my best driver the reins of the business & see if he could make it better.

    I'd take William Least Heat Moon's "Blue Highways" & replicate something similar to his experiences, see if I could visit every major US & Canadian landmark in something slightly smaller than a NASCAR Newell Motorhome.
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