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Thread: Gypsy Limo or Car Services are a Popping up everywhere

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    Default Gypsy Limo or Car Services are a Popping up everywhere

    I have noticed a large influx of "Gypsy" operators lately in NJ. Many are advertising on Craigslist.
    They pretty much buy a Town Car or similar and advertise as if they were legit.
    When are they going to monitor or enforce laws regarding this?
    I believe it is mostly because Uber. Many are figuring .. If Uber can do it.. we can.

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    Default Gypsy Drivers

    I know this is an old post but I am new here and once was an Uber driver using my Lincoln Town Car for business with no commercial insurance. Because I do things the legal way,I decided to get limo insurance and start my own airport car service.I now have an LLC I started in Jan 2015. SNAP Livery Service,LLC out of Fair Lawn,NJ.
    The main thing I wanted to point out to you about Uber is,the application itself isn't illegal at all.It's the drivers using their personal vehicle for hire. That is what you were referring to.People think because Uber does it,they can too. If those drivers insurance companies knew they were using their personal vehicle for hire,they would cancel that persons insurance immediately.It is illegal and Uber is getting away with it.Fortuneately,and I say this only to point out the flaws of Uber,is that,they are having many problems with the drivers criminal actions against it's passengers.That's causing awareness and I hope it causes them a drop in business.

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