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Thread: Classic wave II 2001 relay board problem

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    Default Classic wave II 2001 relay board problem

    Hi, I have a serious comon problem on our Classic Wave II 2001 rear relay board. The low and middle speed A/C blower (Manex MX11) fuses (5A and 10A) blow off after 30s. The high speed works but the 2 fuses (20A) protecting each blower are very hot. The orange wires from plug F32 is also very hot . I have added an other bigger wire but doesn't change anything. The 2 engines blowers are also new. Does anybody know a company that could do an upgrade on this card ? Mastron is not anymore on the market and MTG has been sold to Premier products. I know that Royale coachbuilder have an upgrade program for their relay board on similar problem (I already send them some cards few years ago).
    Thanks for your help .

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