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Thread: Have a broken escape window in a Ford Excursion! Where can we find one?

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    Unhappy Have a broken escape window in a Ford Excursion! Where can we find one?

    Aaargh, someone broke the left front side escape window on one of my customers limousine's. It's a 2005 Krystal Koach Ford Excursion and we are having a heck of a time finding this window. The unit is nice and clean for it's age, but I'm afraid if we don't find a window for it the insurance company will total loss it. Does anyone have an idea where we can get a window for it? It was originally made by Spec-Temp in Ohio which is now Paragon Glass. If we could get a new one fine but we would even take a used one if possible!

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    When Krystal shut down they auctioned off all of the parts inventory, thousands of misc items. Most everything was bought by a few individuals in the limousine manufacturing business. I know that Frank from Pinnacle limo Mfg in California bought some stuff and Lionel Michel from Las Vegas bought most of it (a few tractor trailers worth). The last # I had for Lionel was 951-347-3939 / 702-763-0058 it's been a few years so I dont know if these #'s are still good. If not try Frank 213-507-5466 he may be able to point you in the right direction or get you in touch with Lionel. Hope this helps.

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    Default Looks like you guys found one!

    Thanks to Nite2RememberLimo it is looking good as Lionel says he has one. LimoJess I did indeed call MTG and I might as well have called Walmart. I couldn't believe the apathy on the phone, a lot of 'I dunno's' and 'I can't help you's'. Honestly it was like I was wasting his time and he couldn't wait to get of the phone and go back to playing gameboy.
    Again thanks people and especially to Nite as that really was the ticket, you rock

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    Glad I was able to assist you!

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