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Thread: Windows 10 Upgrade - Hold off on business computers

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    Default Windows 10 Upgrade - Hold off on business computers

    Preface for those that don't know me: I'm a Web App developer and maintain PCs for several businesses, have been doing both well over 15+ years.

    So I was hopeful for Win 10, except for my tablet, I had completely skipped 8/8.1. The first few days worked fine, no problems, actually reduced my boot time from 20 seconds down to 13-14. I liked the look of it.

    Then the issues started, first it was that when you go to customize the your desktop settings, the "preview" overlapped the the labels on the window. Not so bad, but a "how do you miss not changing an image size?", Then there was a link in the setting for "How do I customize the taskbar buttons". I clicked it (was looking to see how to change the highlight color on them). All it did was open a browser window, took me to Bing, and did a generic search for "How do I customize Windows 10".... Really not helpful at all...

    Those I could live with... but a couple days later I went down and plugged in at my desk, where I run dual displays, hard wire into the network, and had a backup USB drive that plugs in... It went downhill WAY fast...

    First the network, about ever 5 minutes, windows would say there was no network connectivity, and the activity light for my laptop on my switch was flickering away like crazy, while none of the other ports on it had anything close to it. Switch back to Wifi... no problem... after a reboot, wired works again, then another 5 minutes or so... lost connection.... Still had wifi, so was going to try to finish the day off with just using it....

    Then tried using chrome, which I had been using for days... Crashed anytime a video played... Youtube, netflix, TWC app,, I was testing all over, everything within a minute, chrome crash... disconnect 2nd monitor and reboot, could run fine playing them... plug back in 2nd display, start crashing out again...

    Ok, I'm done with it, even though all main files needed for business are synced to Cubby, I like to once a week do a raw copy of both hard drives in this over to the USB drive. So I go to do a manual backup before reinstalling WIn 7. I prefer a program called Teracopy, as it handles nicely the "only replace if newer" and continuing along if it hits a file in use by windows....

    It kept getting about 1/3 of the way through copying, and then started showing errors all over that it could not access the source file to copy. I could go in and open up files it said it couldn't access...

    So I figure ok, TeraCopy is not playing well with 10... I disable it, and use the built in Windows copy feature... same damn thing... gets so far, then "Can't access file...."....

    Luckily I have two hard drives in my laptop and it let me back up from the SSD to the regular drive... It just did not like the USB drive (but was complaining it couldn't read the source, not that it couldn't write to the USB drive, weird!!!)

    So I'm now back on a clean install of Windows 7 again.

    I'll hold off trying 10 again until the first service pack is available. Has same experiences years ago with first laptop when XP came out, would crash a lot, after SP1, was rock solid. Win 7 didn't crash that much, but was still way better after SP1.

    I have since talked to some friends who are also in IT, and they report having issues as well, as do a few blogs by IT people.

    So if you are tempted to give the free Windows 10 upgrade a try, make sure you have another system on the side for conducting business! In my case, it was my new Mac Mini I'm getting used too...

    My opinion... why is Windows 10 a free upgrade for the first year? So we can all be Microsoft's Beta Testers LOL....
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    As always, good info Greg!
    Jerry Thomas


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