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Thread: 99 Lincoln TC Limo 120 shocks dealer 5u2z-18v125-c

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    Default 99 Lincoln TC Limo 120 shocks dealer 5u2z-18v125-c

    99 Lincoln TC Limo 120 shocks dealer 5u2z-18v125-c

    If you recently bought a pair of rear shocks for this car and it is riding hard and bumpy. These are not the correct shocks. They supercede an Ash V9 which was made for the basic Town Car not a heavy duty stretch. It uses to be an ASH 250 which is a Heavy Duty shock and is discontinued. They will tell you the shock interchanges to the 18v125 c but it does not.

    My car had a rippling hard vibration that made the coach sound like it was falling apart. The steering wheel was shaking after they put on the new shocks as well as the interiot vibrated and the floor. Someone drove me and I say in the back. It felt wicked and way too hard. You could feel every bump in the road. I went back and showed them the part numbers and that it was discontinued and the precious part to the ASH V9 said excluding the limo.

    Still no one believed me. So I called Sun Core in Florida ordered theirs. Funny they were longer and once installed I drI've off and no more vibrations and it was a smooth ride just like they guaranteed.

    The techs told me it was supposed to be a rough ride and they needed time to break in. Funny 3000 miles later you would think they would have.

    I didn't go as far as learning why they are different on the inside but they are. They didn't charge me at the installation site and Ford Lincoln is considering a refund.

    So if you are sold these from the dealer they are meant for the Sedan not the stretch limo.

    Just wanted to share that. I really wish people would listen to me when I say something is up because I drive her all the time and I would be the person who could tell if she I'd riding different!!!

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    Somebody sold you the wrong shocks!

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    I agree it could be a wrong part number or wrong box,

    The best way to buy them from the dealer is to give them the last 8 of the vin #

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