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Thread: Can I sell my limo anywhere software

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    Default Can I sell my limo anywhere software

    I purchased limo anywhere 2 months ago and am not going to continue with my limo company. Can I sell my LimoAnywhere?

    thank you

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    Are you on the new pricing plan or old one? I might be interested if it is possible to transfer

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    I bought it 2 months ago, so I'm assuming new plan

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    How much are you paying for it? I just looked into the software today.
    Estera Semeniuc

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    Old Software Plan gets converted to the new one in order to use oRES 4.0, which by the way now features a limoanywhere logo as if the software was given free. I am quite unhappy with L.A., it is clear and visible that ever since they got owned by GL, the quality suffered. New features are exciting but lots of bugs in old ones. Also you can tell they're not helping operators grow, they've never enhanced that import large reservations feature. And no surprise they won't honor updates for users of the old LA software (at least have the decency to let them upgrade to oRES 4.0 for free), but no decency for an organization focused around squeezing profits and nothing else!. regardless of my ranting here's some useful info of what L.A. has evolved into:

    * Higher monthly cost.
    * A ton of bugs.
    * The features they want: stopped improving/evolving things like LA NET and Reservation Import.
    * You now advertise for LA on your website

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    I can confirm vflllc's comments. All my drivers with androids have been unable to take payments since they released the new app, which has been a month.
    Thank god they haven't changed the iPhone app yet.

    If someone is selling a copy of LA on the old plan let me know, I would be interested.

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