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Thread: 2004 kk f550 bus

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    Default 2004 kk f550 bus

    Ac is blowing warm in front and far rear changed compressor dryer orffice tubes still warm.please help

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    Do you have under carriage cooling fans? If so you should have a small (usually blue) canister the size of a Pepsi Can with an eye in it. Look at the flow of the Freon. There should be little or nor bubbles flowing thru the eye.

    Also, make sure you Dryer is insulated. They will tell you it is not needed, it is.

    Do you have a split system? This is where one compressor runs two units.

    You may also have air flow leakage in the front radiator assembly. This is where air is pulled in from the sides, by-passing the AC condenser in front.

    Most important, if you have had your compressor replaced, it has to be replaced with a "Carrier Type", not a FORD Product.

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    I have 2 compressors and I will check everything you
    posted thank you for your help


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