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Thread: CA Commercial Drivers License Required?

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    Default CA Commercial Drivers License Required?

    I am hoping someone in CA can help me out. I will joining the limo/transportation industry in the next 30-45 days. Before I purchase a Dodge Sprinter 170" conversion and TC Signature L - I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

    In doing the research and preparation I came across a question. Will I need a commercial drivers license in order to operate the van? I am aware I will need a passenger endorsement but not entirely sure if Commercial B will be required.

    The van seats 14 ( 12 passengers with 2 in cab).... I supposed I might try to call DMV to get answers but for those of you in CA - you are aware that it could take a month of Sundays to actually get a live person to answer questions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks.


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    You definitely will need a Class B license with passenger endorsement to operate a 14 pas bus. Anything over 9 including the driver requires it. You can't get a passenger endorsement without a Class B. Do you have a TCP# yet?

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    In order to get my class B with passenger endorsement - I will have to take the test in a similar class/vehicle. Gonna grab the dodge sprinter, get the insurance going, then take the test at DMV to get B with passenger endorsement, then submit all docs to the PUC to get the TCP. That sound bout right?

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    Yes but you don't need your class b to apply to the puc. You will need a vehicle with commercial insurance to apply so you should probably get the sedan with insurance and then apply. Once you have your authority you can add the sprinter. The thing that takes the longest is getting the pull notice from the dmv.

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    Thanks for the information it is much appreciated....I am not sure the sedan will be purchased until after the van conversion is completed...working on a budget and need to make sure the van is completed first...provided everything ends up within budget than sedan will purchased as well....

    I also have 3 to 5 weeks downtime for the van conversion to be hopefully PUC won't go too far longer than that time - if at all

    Plan to take DMV test, demo the inside of the van and then hand off for the conversion....hopefully TCP is granted by time van is ready for pick up...I am lucky in that I have other income coming in right now so I am fortunate in that I do not need to make money as soon as vehicle is purchased

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