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Thread: HELP! 94 Lincoln surges at take off.

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    I have a 94 lincoln 85" with 258,000 on the car and 80,000 on the rebuild 4.6 fuel injected motor. When I take off the car is surging or lurching like it is getting fuel then not. It is hit and miss.
    I realize this could be a number of things but thought I would ask all of you people, in the same industry.

    Do we think it could be a Control Module? or ???

    I have added Fuel injector cleaner, Heat, replaced the large fule filter, located and repaired a vacuum hose on the drivers side that was cracked. It went to a vacuum sensor of some sort on the Fuel injectors.

    If you have had similar problems please respond.

    Your welcome to call with your suggestions also. 888 546-6777

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    Figured it out.
    FYI - Fuel Regulator on the Injector ports located on the driver side.

    hope this helps someone else.

    $59 part from Napa Auto.

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    by now youve probably already fixed it but here goes anyway.

    Are you sure its fuel problem?? Go for the simple things first. Replace spark plugs and ignition leads. IF not get your licoln dealer to check the fault codes on efi computer. May also have faulty throttle position switch (TPS)

    Good Luck


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    Thank you Aussie as I have solved the problem. Look at the second reply I made to see the answer to my puzzling problem.

    Thanks again,


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