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Thread: ABS pump problem on a town car limo 2001

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    Default ABS pump problem on a town car limo 2001

    Hi, we are having problem with our brake system on a 120" Town car 2001 QVM (with no traction control). There is not enought pressure on the rear right brake. We have change and upgrade the module, change 2times the fluid and same result : the pedal is smooth and the rear right shoes is not used wheras the left one is damaged in less than 6 months services. We would like to repair the pump itself but does anybody knows a company that would be specialised in such job ? Thanks

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    I would suggest a Ford/Lincoln dealer - do they have those in France? If not, I would suggest Art Hill Ford in Merrillville, IN - not sure if they do it, but they have a very reputable shop. Maybe they could refer you if they cannot do it?
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    No we don't have Lincoln dealer as all Town car and US ford car and trucks are not imported . The only one is the new mustang 2015 !
    I will contact Arthillfords if they can do something ...I am also in touch with Sam Galloway in Florida (Fort Meyers) maybe they can do something ...

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    I've got an answer from Ford Galloway and they give me 1300 USD for a new pump without shipping and custom tax ...any cheapest idea or suggestions ?

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    Sounds like one rubber brake hose may be restricted. Replace those first. You can check the pressure applied at the caliper with a tool like:

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    Join this group: Search for an answer to your problem. If you can't find an answer, post on the forum. Lots of helpful folks & a lot of technical answers as well.

    I would replace the wheel cylinder, the brake hardware & self adjuster after installing new rubber brake hoses. The ABS even if it was inoperative would not impact the braking other than to allow pre-mature lockup.
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    This sounds more like a base brake system issue, not an ABS problem.

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    I agree with that. I would think a good mechanic should be able to diagnose this pretty quick.


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