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Thread: 2004 Lincoln Towncar Krystal 120" Ac problem

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    Default 2004 Lincoln Towncar Krystal 120" Ac problem

    We have a 2004 Lincoln towncar 120" and I cannot get the acs to work properly. Bought this limo I really regret because it was poorly maintained about a year ago and it's been non stop problems. I have been battling this Ac for awhile basically what is going on it is not cooling (very minimal) I replaced the front condenser when we purchased cleaned out system and we had it cooling a little better. But not to where it should be .. So then we replaced compressor and obviously made sure pressures were correct and I don't know the name but the sensors behind seat that read temp on both sides we replaced them per manex. We have it vac down recharged 4.5 pounds per krystal and low side is around 45-50 at idle. My high side gauge is acting weird so I don't have accurate reading. It almost seems as the flow isn't right. Just im completely lost and don't know what to do next. Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks Anthony

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    It's possible at some point the system may have experienced the "black death" this is when a Ford compressor piston which is coated in teflon melts down and sends it thru the lines and system blocking everything up. (I have had this happen) The only thing you can do after that is replace everything and blow out all the hoses and lines, when I say everything don't shortcut and take chances, replace all of it, condensors, evaps, dryer, expasnsion valves, also make sure that the OE fans and secondary fan is operating properly. Towncar AC systems are excellent when working properly.


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