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Thread: California Vehicle Maintenance Record Requirements

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    Default California Vehicle Maintenance Record Requirements

    I am going through the TCP app. process with the PUC and am confused about the Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Record Requirements. I have only one vehicle (Mercedes crossover, 7-passenger). It appears that the CA Vehicle Code Section 34505 applies only to "tour bus" operators. Since I will not be operating a bus, does anyone know if I still have to comply with the vehicle maintenance record requirements. The CHP form 108A is 4 pages long! Mostly not applicable to my vehicle.

    Thanks for your help

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    Even if the law does not require it, you should EXCEED the requirements. Every single day should be documented with a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report attached to the daily paperwork. You should also document every single oil change & the mileage at the time it was performed. Maintaining a file on each vehicle will also help you when it comes time to sell the vehicle.
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    Are you going to have a DOT number? If so you will want to look into their requirements as well. What happens when your pre trip inspection specifies a problem and you don't have maintenance records down the road to show you are doing what you need to on your end when there is a bad accent and people are hurt? It's a good way to make sure everything is getting done and things are staying safe, whether it's required by law or not.

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    I would agree with Jim and Brandon - start in the beginning with doing it right. Now is the time that you begin with your foundation - putting into practice everything that should be done and learning forms, etc. now. You will not regret it in the future when things are busy and your head is going 200 mph trying to keep everything organized - get it organized now!
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