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Thread: PSA: Heads up on a possible fake invoice you may get

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    Default PSA: Heads up on a possible fake invoice you may get

    I had two clients receive an "annual invoice" for a website backup service. Neither of them ever heard of the company. As their sites are hosted on my server and I maintain them for the client, there is no way for my client to have ever given any company access to the site to back it up to begin with. Not to mention, two clients getting similar invoices the same week, both dated 3/16/2015 from a company with a website and facebook page that neither existed before 12/26/2014, yet this is an annual renewal?

    Anyhow, just make sure you check it out if you get something, as this is done up as a complete invoice for service, not something that at first glance looks like that then fine print it actually signing people up. Years ago used to see that a lot with domain names, one company would send you something looking like a renewal notice, but it was actually getting you to switch to using them for services. This is one of the reasons why now you have to give unlock codes and wait a full week to get a domain transferred between registrar services.

    (speaking of which, if you get an offer from a company using trying to sell you a domain name that is similar to yours for a good price, beware. Had a client do that 2 months ago, it was still in their name and they never once replied to support tickets. Finally had to file a complaint with ICAAN, and 20 minutes after they were notified, they responded and put the domain in my client's name and sent him the code to transfer it out.)
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    Thanks for the update Greg.
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