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Thread: Limousines for sale!

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    Aw, come on Jess - I've known you for a long time, you don't have to be like that! Its funny, 7 years ago when I started the company and bought that car someone made a remark on this forum about someone else's 2000 being old and they should get rid of it (which almost made me second guess buying it!)...well, 7 years later it was still making us more money year after year. 2014 it brought in $80K+. If you can't make money by buying that thing for $3,500 then something's wrong. I realize it isn't for every company, but not every company is in a major market servicing Fortune 250 companies.
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    Older vehicles can be great if you can make money with them. The problem now, in CA anyway, is many insurance companies won't insure vehicles over 10 years old. Because of that limo fire. I just renewed my insurance and it's costing me over $1K more per year for 2 vehicles.

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    Craiglist has been a good source for me to sell older vechicles.

    Just sold a 2008 sedan and a 2006 E350 van in less than a week on craiglist.

    The black chrysler could be sold fast on

    I sold a 2006 Lincoln limo and a 2005 Escalade stretch two years ago in a month on limos for sale.

    One went to missouri and the other to texas.


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