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Thread: 05-08 Chrysler 300 rear door hinges.

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    Default 05-08 Chrysler 300 rear door hinges.

    Just figured I would share this info with the forum, any operators that own a 300 from 05-08 are probably experiencing the doors especially the rear doors closing on people and not staying in the open position, I have been dealing with this problem for a while now until I decided to solve the issue. the original upper hinges have a cylinder type spring inside a casing that is not serviceable, once this spring breaks there is no way to service it or even lubricate it, this is why you are most likely hearing a popping sound when you open or close the door (about to break). Being that the rear doors on the limos are opened and closed excessively these cylinder springs break very quickly. Luckily Mopar figured out that this was a problem and completely redesigned the hinge to a more heavy duty design similar to the old Chevy trucks. For anyone that is interested in changing the rear upper hinges the part #'s are as follows

    Left side rear: 4575751AC
    Right side rear: 4575750AC

    Depending on your color DupliColor Perfect Match makes the Brilliant Pearl Black BCC0427 in a rattle can so you can paint them before installation.


    New hinge painted ready for install.

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    Thank you!
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