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Thread: 2003 H2 Hummer 200" Knock Sensor Nightmare

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    Default 2003 H2 Hummer 200" Knock Sensor Nightmare

    We have a 2003 H2 200" by Craftsman and we have replaced both knock sensors about a month ago. the new knock sensors have been checked repeatedly and are good but when we drive the vehicle for just a short period and shut it down and then restart the check engine light reapears again and diagnostic says it's the knock sensor. When we clear the code the vehicle runs great untill we shut it down again the same happens! I have had someone suggest that a vibration from the belt and pulley system may trigger the knock sensors.........would anybody have any clue if this is possible??? This H2 has an auxiliary alternator and AC compressor, could one of these components be causing this??? If anyone has a clue or suggestion it would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Did you relplace the knock sensor harness?

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    See attached diagnostic chart, you will need a scan tool also.

    (To view in your browser, save attachment. Unpack, then double click on the .html file)

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    Yes Sir, The harness came with the sensors, Thx!

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    Roger on the harness, Thx!

    Steve; The attachment you posted has been helpful, gave us a couple of other options to pursue. Thank you very much!!


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