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Thread: Untrained drivers in the President's Motorcade

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    Default Untrained drivers in the President's Motorcade

    Untrained drivers in the President's motorcade driving around the press and other individuals. Unreal.
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    Almost as bad as all the untrained VFH Drivers ferrying passengers around.
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    But Tyson said she got little instruction on what to do in an emergency. "Whatever I am is good enough for them," she told the Times.

    Well, she wouldn't be good enough to work HERE - geez
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    This has been going on since the 80's, 30 years later it becomes an issue ?

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    I'm just looking at it from the perspective that for the most part, people see driving a vehicle as being a task so easy, that in their mind, there is no worry about the driver's ability to get them to their destination safely as long as the driver has a pulse. Trained or untrained, who cares? Anyone can drive and therefore the skill garners no worth. Maybe this is why the general public feels like chauffeured car service should be priced at just slightly above the cost of fuel burned plus depreciation of the vehicle. Unfortunately, I feel that maybe there are a lot of people within our own industry that share the same view.
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    For anybody that's interested....I was at the White House Comm Agency for 15 years and drove in Presidential and VP motorcades during all that time, all over the world. I spent the night in Buckingham Palace one night - in the courtyard parking lot, but hey it was inside the gate. The people driving the Press and lower level staff vehicles are nowhere near the "secure package" - they have NO security responsibilities at all. In case the secure package has to break off (and yes I was in that package) the press and staff will go wherever their coordinator tells them to go - most likely back to the hotel or to the press plane. They don't have or need any special training to drive the vans or SUVs they put them in. Any questions, I'll be happy to answer them - it's been several years but I still keep in touch with people doing it now and not much has changed in the basic mission.

    Hope this sheds a little light.
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