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Thread: Weather Strip Rubber for coach windows.

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    Default Weather Strip Rubber for coach windows.

    So I need to replace the locking weather strip rubber on my long windows, I checked out MTG and they offer the rubber for $2.90 per foot plus the locking bead for $1.93 per foot, after some research I found the manufacturer of the rubber at less than half the cost of MTG, the only issue is buying it from them the rubber gasket can only be bought in 100' roll and the locking bead in a 200' roll. This is still cheaper than what MTG wants for 50' which is all I need to replace mine. So would anyone like to purchase from me the extra 50' that I dont need plus 50' of the lock bead? The cost would be around $125.00 plus shipping.

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    I don't know for sure but I would guess around $30

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