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Thread: Help! Please " Article of Organization" ??

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    Default Help! Please " Article of Organization" ??

    Dear fellow operators !

    so as of today Nov, 16th 2015. I'm finally in the process of filing the TCP to californias PUC, and where it say please attach a copy of "Article of Organzation "

    is it the same as " certificate of status" which signed by the Secretary of State by Debra Brown ?

    Sorry I'm so confused

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    I suggest you contact your attorney for this. Or do a google search.
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    You should have filed your "Articles of Organization" with your Secretary of State. This describes the nature of your business, legal entity name, type of business (corporation, LLC, partnership, etc), elects board members, and defines the stareholders. The end item is your Federial ID Number. This is used on your Tax Returns, business loans, etc. It's like your business SSN.

    If you haven't completed this process yet, you should do so ASAP. Good luck!
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    Ah I see, thank you so much.

    found it!
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