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Thread: Jet Door Yes or No

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    We have a Chrysler 300 with Lambo doors. It is a huge hit and we get an easy 20% over the price of the Town Cars. So your Infinity with the jet door has problems ? This is the information I am really looking for. Thanks.

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    i agree that people do like the look of lambo doors, especially prom kids. I have had several vehicles with lambo doors, even a Chrysler 300 with lambo doors in front and suicide doors in rear. Other than using the cars for advertising, I don't think its worth it. They are a huge pain in the ass from a drivers standpoint. We converted all of them back to the original factory hinges after only a few months of use because we were constantly having to adjust them. The car with suicide doors was awesome as a show vehicle, but useless as a rental. I sold that one real quick because it seemed like it was spending more time in shop adjusting the doors than it was on the road. I think the jet door concept would be a nightmare in this business, although they do look really cool. I can see someone swinging from it and knocking it out of alignment on a regular basis.
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