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Thread: Limo Touch AC Problem Solved

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    After experiencing an intermittent AC problem that has been driving me crazy I thought I would share this with the forum. The problem was that the AC compressor and Condenser fans would not power up at certain times, there was no reason that this would happen other than it just had a mind of its own. The blower fans would work fine however the CPU would not sent the 12v signal to the relay to power on the compressor or the condenser fans. After hours of checking fuses, tracing wires, testing circuits and pulling my hair out the problem fell upon a sensor no bigger than a green pea. On the Limo Touch systems their is a temp sensor that comes off the J10 harness inside the CPU and runs about 3-6 feet down the bundle of wires and typically is left to dangle somewhere behind the partition, what this sensor does is reads the ambient temp inside the limo and reports this info back to the CPU. The purpose of this is to shut down the compressor and condenser fans when the selected temp on the control panel is reached. In my situation the sensor was faulty and was sending bogus info back to the CPU telling it that the temp was say 65 when it was actually 95 preventing power up of the system. This little sensor is easily damaged due to its size and placement inside the limo, what you want to look for is a very small wire with some heat shrink on the tip just kinda hanging out dangling somewhere near the partition. Unfortunately I was unable to come up with a bypass and was forced to order a new sensor from Limo Touch at a cost of $35.00

    Hope this helps anyone that might have similar issues.

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    Good info. Problems like this can be a nightmare. Thanks for sharing
    Jerry Thomas

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    We had a similar problem in our Excursion. The temp sensor was in the VIP section and the vent would blow directly at it. This would cause all of the fans and blowers to shut off. We relocated the sensor. Problem solved.

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    Beautiful! Well done - both of you!
    Rich Rottier
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