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Thread: Uber & South Carolina

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    Default Uber & South Carolina

    Rather lengthy, interesting read. Informative with the SC State Regulatory head reporting from inside the Uber meeting with potential drivers.

    If you are encouraged to not report your 'for hire' driving to your insurance company by the Uber reps, seems cut & dried they are willfully attempting to skirt the law.

    Create an App to break the law and get several $Billion from venture capitalists?

    "The Office of Regulatory Staff (“ORS”) filed a Petition for Declaratory Order on June 23, 2014 with the Public Service Commission requesting the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (“PSC”) hold a hearing and issue a declaratory order ruling on whether or not Uber and its partner drivers are motor carriers and subject to PSC/ORS regulation."

    A copy of the ORS petition can be found by clicking on this link:

    How about the issues from an insurance broker perspective?
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    Thanks for posting Bill. The interesting part and "grey" area is the Uber claim that they offer 2 million dollar excess liability coverage with $50,000 to $60,00 collision coverage yet no one asks for a copy of the policy! They offer no certain indication of whose losses are covered. If indeed they offer it they should provide the new drivers with an insurance certificate with the driver listed as the certificate holder and named insured. I think the tell here is that the Uber rep tells them not to mention what they're doing to their insurance company!

    The other issue is what those drivers will be doing, lets skip for a minute that they are clearly unlicensed cab drivers. You know this area as well as I and they will definitely be getting runs to Charlotte (concerts and the airport) and Augusta (the Masters). They NEED an MC# and federal operating authority. They ARE carrying passengers for hire across state lines. I'm surprised this is not on the FMCSA radar. Uber operates in a lot of areas were UberX drivers likely cross state lines.

    I looked over the Public Service Commissions docket and Uber has until 7/27 to respond.

    Hilliard Krecker
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    This is what was leaked anyway:

    Seems pretty congruent with their published certificate:

    I am no expert however.
    Steve Walker

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