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Thread: Airport Fees, Permitting, Parking

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    Default Airport Fees, Permitting, Parking

    Anyone know of an update or changes to HR 2546 (2002 legislation-interstate transportation restricts ability of entities from assessing fees for pickup of clients).
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    I don't see anything in there that would prohibit it. However, I have often wondered why such fees are broken out as a line item at all. My airport rates just have them built in as I feel like people hate getting fee upon fee upon fee. We don't break out other taxes that we pay such as vehicle license fees, Public Utilities Fees etc. They are all simply a cost of doing business and your hourly rates should cover all overhead expenses - including all taxes. When an affiliate wants a rate, they always as for the "All-In" price (All inclusive). Our clients expect the same. They want to know the bottom line. If a client asks us how much it is to go to LAX in a sedan, the price is $318.00. We could say, it is $250.00 + a service charge of $50.00 + a fuel surcharge of $18.00 for a total of $318.00. It is easier to just say the total is $318.
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    Jim, this is a good topic; we don't break it out, either BUT then when we raise fares, the passengers always wonder WHY! So I am starting to consider breaking it out so they SEE - hey, look, PIT airport doubled fees this year. $2.00 PER loop. Or their permit fee is such and such per year; we haven't even started the fuel surcharges. Maybe we should.
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