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Thread: Crossing into New Brunswick from US

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    Default Crossing into New Brunswick from US

    I am a U.S. business bringing passengers into Canada for tours/dining out, I have no problems there. What I want to do is pick up passengers in New Brunswick, Canada and drop off somewhere else in New Brunswick. There is only 1 other limousine company with their main office in Canada within 2 hours from me and they only have 2 limousines so its not like I am stealing business. I dealt a little bit with the Energy's and Utilities Board which supposedly handles all this but they have stopped talking to me and won't return my messages. I have the proper USDOT and MC Operating Authority now for U.S. now.

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    We had two limo companies that try to go into Canada to do a a charter. The limos both got impounded for $17000 usd and the drivers were banned from entering Canada. This happened about ten years ago. Not worth the risk.

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    I own a ton of good domain names for Windsor Ontario and it's only 25 minutes away. I tried to figure out how to provide service there and was unable to. Vehicles can't cross the border unless they pick up their first clients on the US side of the border.


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