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Thread: I need information on getting credit to buy limousine

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    I own and operate a small carrier in Maryland. My divorce is final last month. I had a 10 pack lincoln but had to return it because of the divorce. I still have all of my permits to operate and had alot of return customer's. This has been a heart break for me I love the business. I worked very hard at it. This December would have been my 3rd year. Making good profit the last two.But now I'm facing not being able to stay in the game with out credit for another limousine. I dont desire a brand new one. A used one would be great. Please if you have any idea's or could help get in touch with the right people I would really be very thankful. Hanging one in Maryland.

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    Have you tried contacting leasing companies? They will work with you when no one else will. A bank doesn't want to touch a limo companie to begin with. I suggest you contact Automotive Management/RSR Capitol Corp of Melville New York. 800-394-7771. Ask for Larry Cole at extension 201. Tell him Liz from Silver Ridge sent you. If anyone can put a deal together, Larry can. And he's a good guy! Good luck, and welcome back!

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    you may also want to call Mr. Bruce Cirlin at Westwood limousine Sales Emerson,NJ
    (201) 265-7700 they have a pretty innovative
    finance program called the LOOP that they may apply to limos as well as sedans.
    Good Luck !!


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