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Thread: Any one else having problems with limo live 24???!!

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    Default Any one else having problems with limo live 24???!!

    We were tired of the inability of Limo Live 24 to solve problems that we had with them. They have been fired! Even after termination they hit or credit card for service charge! We had called and left numerous messages for: Jason, Jason Bishop, Arnie, Amber, and Lisa. Horrible service and response time! They were all seldom available to take calls. If you use them, or thinking about using them, We highly recommend you do not!

    Thanks for listening, feel better now.

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    Well, crap - I had been dealing with Arnie but never got all the info back to him. So what are you going to do next?
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    I don't know if attacking 2 members of this forum because they don't like your service is being very responsible or even responsive on your part LimoLive. I don't come on this forum as often as I used to, but I see on 2 of my top 5 posts a response from you attacking other limo operators. I believe you are SERVICING our industry, not the other way around. I do not "shadow box" or hide behind my computer as you state. My name and all my info is on my signature line and I am a phone call away. So, please do not call me a "bully" like you did other operators, but maybe you should reconsider how you respond to negative feedback. I for one sometimes do take things a little too personal and have learned just recently to try and refrain from attacking and just state the facts. Poor decision on your part, and honestly makes you look bad. Just someone on the outside looking in. I also know how public these forums still are, don't forget, there are a handful that comment on here but many that lurk.

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