I keep hearing that Google has 2/3 of all the internet. Myself, I never use it, only Yahoo
and Bing, because they have a homepage with news, weather ect.

Recently my Dex salesperson told me they track where calls come from, they say it's Google one day, Yahoo the next, same for Bing, no clear leader.

The reason I'm wondering is because I have trouble getting on the first page of Google. Sometimes I'm there twice on the first page, sometimes I get bumped by out of town limo companies, national directories, and things that are completely irrelevant, like taxi companies or out of business companies that Google keeps listing.

Yahoo and Bing are way better, I always get close to the top of the first page, but if everyone is on Google, it doesn't help to be doing good on Yahoo and Bing.

So I'm wondering if I should spend more money trying to get better placement with google or if Bing and Yahoo are popular enough that I don't have to be so worried about Google.

Kevin, Excaliber Limo Fargo ND