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Thread: Dex Internet, any better than adwords?

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    Default Dex Internet, any better than adwords?

    Dex, the phone book company is pushing some kind of plan to get you to the top of the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. They make you sign a contract, so if it sucks, your stuck with it. It's not supposed to be pay per click, so might be better than adwords, which is way too expensive. My competitors have it and it seems to appear only some of the time, I guess the more you pay, the more it's there.
    The sales people have been unable to describe exactly how it works, so either I'm too stupid to understand it or it's not that good and they are keeping me in the dark on purpose.

    So has anyone tried this and how is it any better than adwords?

    Thanks, Kevin, Excaliber Limousine, Fargo ND
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    If they offered a good product chances are they wouldn't be so aggressive and have contracts.

    The only way to get to the top of google instantly is to pay for adwords. Not sure why you would be interested in a product their own sales people can't describe.

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    I still keep a bold listing in the yellow pages under airport, bus and limousine section. And with that dex will give you free links on their site.


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