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Thread: 1996 H2 5 door Krystal Koach rear heater issue

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    Default 1996 H2 5 door Krystal Koach rear heater issue

    Sorry I posted the wrong year. It is a 2006.

    My KK 5 door has just started giving me grief. The rear heater blower will constantly run until I kill the main power for the rear then it will stay off when not needed. It will work fine afterwards for a short time then even with the blower switch is shut off it will continue to run until I kill the rear main. I’m thinking relay, but I wanted to see your thoughts. I’m here in ohio so the heater has had one heck of a workout so it is hard to tell.
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    Anything else stay on? I had an issue with a 2003 Krystal Town Car where the main solenoid (just a glorified starter solenoid) was latching on, which they are wont to do. Power in the back would randomly stay on after key off. Tapped the solenoid with a wrench and it shut off.

    Krystal puts them to the passenger (right) side of the relay board, covered by a formed black ABS shroud. If it's the same problem in your H2, protect the cables from shorting out but leave the shroud off. Overheats easier with the shroud in place.
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    thank you Dave. That was it! But now my rear climate control panle will just go black. Nothing will work then after it is off for a bit it will work fine. I'm chasing a never ending rats nest of wires, but it is intermittent and hard to diagnose. Any further enlightenment is greatly appreciated.

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