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Thread: limousine for sale Escalade with only 18,000 miles

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    Default limousine for sale Escalade with only 18,000 miles

    hello, i have escalade 2007 with only 18,000miles, and this limo have certificate of orgin!!! no FIRST REGISTRATION!!! limousine is in Europe, but i can ship to USA, i can send documents copy and VIN number in private to check it if any interesting, limousine condition is like brand new, asking price 95,000$ it is good choise who need limo like brand new.

    In 2007 i buy this limousine 200inch 20passangers from limelitelimo, and when i get it to Europe i have problems with registration because limo is new, so i don't can do the registration, and i want to sell this limo.

    This liko is made by

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    and i have other escalade 2007 limousine miles 48,000 , but it have non repairable texas sertificate, price 70,000$ this limo have new R22 wheels, new painted, runs like new.

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    call starlimo in germany ...he will bought your escalade ! Ask for Volker .


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