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Thread: 2014 MKT Town Car 2wd or AWD?

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    Local Lincoln dealer sales manager recently stated at an industry event in my area that the MKS is being phased out after this current model year and the MKT will undergo a facelift to extend its life a few more years before its phase out. The Continental will replace both of those cars once it starts its official roll out in late 2016. The Continental is based on a 7" stretched Taurus frame and will have a starting retail of around $55k and go up to around $80k for a loaded one.

    For those of you who haven't seen it...
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    A friend saw this continental concept car at NYC car show last week and he was just impressed. I don't think limo industry has much profits lefts that they can afford a sedan higher than 45-50k max. This car is just not going to be a good fit if it is more expensive. Also, I would like to see a L series in this model, and also a little bigger trunk size, a little wider too; I guess I am just asking for another newer model of L series town car

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    I'm in the market for a new/newer vehicle myself and its a real though call for me.
    I do have a immaculate cond. LTC with 105k on the clock but style is looking tired as new cars come along.i love this car so maybe will do my daily driver .
    sat in the back of xts and wasnt impressed.not impressed with trunk space either.
    do have an escalade but not planning on another escalade as they arent generating more than a suburban would on my end.
    i hate the styling of mkt but it started to grow on me. has reclining seats and much better legroom compared to xts plus cargo space.i literally wont have to worry about luggage.
    but comparing a new $40k mkt vs new 2015 $50k suburban its no brainer. suv wins. their gas mileages arent that apart which suprises me.
    however a used mkt around $25k could be a winner overall
    we'll see how it plays out. i am disappointed with mkt's styling and mpg but there are no real perfect contenders to LTC
    wish me luck

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    UPDATE: Well it's now been 21 months and 100K miles, no real issues to date other than rotors seem to be a problem, could be Chauffeurs heavy on the brakes or just a normal maintenance item. I have had to turn them twice and now ready for replacements along with pads and tires, ironically the pads and tires have lasted 100k. Also ready for 100k service to change gear fluids and spark plugs etc. I have been very pleased with the car so far and still have 50k of warranty to go. The only complaint would be MPG, I feel that the I-4 2WD Ecoboost should be performing better in that dept as my retired 06 LTC did about the same as this new one. Will update again at 150K.

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    i ended up getting a 2016 suburban.
    too many variables in the sedan category for a town car contender still.
    i dont wanna buy a car to find out there is a new model coming out shortly or lincoln dropping the production of it.
    mkts havent rolled out 2016s yet and like i mentioned suburban > mkt if buying new.


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