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    Quote Originally Posted by ausultimate View Post
    Sure, but also a lot of hard work and being in the right place at the right time. And you have to make sure you are IN the right place. One evening standing at the airport a young lady came over, looked at the sign I was holding and said,'re not him. I asked her what she was looking for and she said her driver had not shown up "again"!!! I handed her a card and said I'd never leave her standing; I forgot about it and moved on. She called three days later and booked two airport rides then contracted with me for everything her company does here. Turns out it's a huge NYC consulting company and they come here a lot. Really a lot.

    You've got some good advice up above. I hope my little story helps some.
    Of all the advice here, I believe this story to be the true story of what makes a company successful. We grew by leaps and bounds in 7 years by little advertising/marketing/networking. I truly believe the best way to grow your business is by customer service. This story from Austin above is not about luck or being in the right place in the right time: its about one operation dropping the ball (repeatably according to the story) and another operation providing excellent service. Your company (and you) will make mistakes and screw up, so you have to make plans B,C,D,E, and F in order to save them and lots/lots/lots of training and double/triple check things to head off these mistakes. I believe money spent on these things are money/time well better spent than any marketing.
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    This site always amazes me. There is so much information just on this one thread. I have to agree mostly with Cedar Mill. Customer Service will help you the most. When you provide excellent service such as ease in booking, calling the day before to confirm, arriving a little bit early with a clean cut driver and a very clean clean, being personable, all of these things will get you word of mouth. By far the best advertising. There was some great ideas from other too. Thank you all.


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