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Thread: Rear a/c on 01 stretch navigator

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    Default Rear a/c on 01 stretch navigator

    The factory air is working fine, but the side vents are blowing warm sometimes,and cool sometimes in the back of my stretch Lincoln Navigator
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    I wish I had A/C problems in January! Todays high is 30, last week it hit minus 23 for a high!

    I have dealt with dozens of so called A/C techs, so I will tell you what I've learned.

    #1 - Very few people know how to fix limo A/C, they rarely look anywhere other than under the hood.

    #2 - The best A/C guys would be ones that work on RV's or refrigerated truck trailers. You need one that can make new fittings and lines if they leak.

    #3 - Look for leaks under the hood, under the car, under the seats. Trace the lines, leaks will be at the fittings, they should be clean and dry. Damp, oily or grimy fittings indicate a leak. Again, most mechanics will not crawl under your car or pull the seat bottoms, so do this yourself.

    #4 - Replace the expansion valves and dryers on the under seat evaporators with parts from Mannex corp. Mannex has excellan tcustomer service and will give you lots of free advice both on their website and over the phone.

    #5 - read advice #2 again, most mechanics could,nt fix a limo A/C problem if their life depended on it.

    Hope this helps, if you want ice cold air, come to Fargo in January!

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