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Thread: Navigator Engine misfire/hesitation

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    Default Navigator Engine misfire/hesitation

    I have a 2004 Navigator (not stretched) with the 5.4L engine that occasionally misses when cruising in the 50-65mph range. It goes away when you accelerate. My mechanic thinks it might be a coil-over going bad but there's no check engine light on. Anyone had this experience? The weird thing is the spark plugs and coil-overs are under the valve covers on this engine. Not easy to get to. Thanks

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    Your mechanic should be able to hook up a computer to your Navigator and check the voltages required for spark initiation at for each plug. The ones with the highest voltage are going to be the ones where you might have bad coils. Coils tend to go bad when it is easier for the spark to discharge within the coil than it is at the end of the plug because the plug is so old, the gap is so big, that a high voltage is needed to get the spark.

    This should help.
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    Yea my mechanic hooked up his analyzer to it today and it shows a problem with cylinder #3 so he's going to replace that coil tomorrow. The plugs have been replaced and have about 30000 miles on them so they should be ok. Hopefully this works. Thanks

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    That should take care of it, my last misfire had a cracked plug but I'm sure they will check that as well.

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    Well what was the outcome?

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    We replaced the coil and the sparkplug, took it for a long test drive and so far so good. Taking it out today on a wine tour. Hopefully the problem is solved.

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    I did a 5 hour wine tour today with no misfires. Looks like problem solved. Yahoo!


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