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Thread: Change car status from personal to commercial

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    Default Change car status from personal to commercial

    Hi everyone ,
    I need your help please. I bought a car this month with financing. I asked to get a commercial registration because that's the purpose of its purchase. The dealer said that was possible to do that. Unfortunately, now I got the registration of the car but it says a personal registration. If anyone can help me what are the procedures to change the registration of the car from personal to commercial. Thanks

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    It really depends on what city / state you're in.
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    More than likely no matter where you are you will need the title in your business name to get the commercial plates or whatever is used in your state.

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    You've got to tell us where you're at friend. In Texas I've got cars registered both to me personally and to the business. If you're in one of the socialist republics then it's a different story.....


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