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Uber's interest is to develope itself as a leader in on-demand transportation. Then Google's intelligence kicks in....remember that project that seems totally unrelated about google making driverless cars...Guess what the cars can be programmed to respond to UBER call automatically. I was told by a good regional businessman in the area who owns a stack of car washes that in about 20-30years car ownership will be very rare, as the cost of "renting" chauffeured transportation will go down a lot and the actual cost of ownership will rise. It makes sense, #1 uber would be a ton cheaper without real drivers. Uber can afford to buy expensive cars specially if it's their technology. So yeah, UBER, Google's driverless cars, Google Map, put them all together.

QUOTE=Vintage Limos;117773]Does anyone else see Google being more interested in the data collected in Uber transactions than actually providing car service. They have your cell phone number, your address, your name, your age, where you live, where you are going, etc. Why else would a tech company be interested in a high tech cab service?

30 years ago was 1985. If in 1985 you told people about the technology we have today and the changes in society, they would have never believed you. So I can see this as being a very real possibility. The only thing that might stand in the way is that we as Americans are in love with car ownership. But hey, things change.