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    Hello all. My name is Erik and I am in the process of starting a business. Not quite limo's but more geared towards a bus charter. I am doing a TON of research on the transportation industry as a whole. I am planning on buying a 15 passenger bus around January/February. I will start part time to minimize the risks, as I have a young family. I currently have a full time, "stable" job that will give me a decent amount of time to get this going. I plan to go full time November 2014 in order to get out there hot and heavy before the holiday season. I don't have any experience in the industry but my father, whom passed away recently, owned a small limo business which serviced NYC, with the majority of business being airport runs from the Hudson Valley area to NYC area airports. My dad didn't have any experience in the field, except for driving a cab in the early 70's. But, he was an entrepreneur and the business was profitable. So therefore I think it is just in my blood, and that is my main interest, the desire to run a business. I am becoming more and more excited as I do more research.

    My business plan is "complete" but I will be tweaking it for the next several months. The company will be a debt free company and employees won't be needed until I just can't handle all the business alone.

    I have been reading this forum for the last few weeks and enjoy the information. I hope to get as much out of it as I can and in return give all I can.

    To remove any doubt from anyone, yes I will be all legal. I have researched proper licensing and insurance. By the way I am based in Richmond, VA. Well that is enough blabbing for now, I have a business to plan.....on Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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    Great to have you here Eric! Good Luck with the business.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Steve Walker


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