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Thread: 2000 Krystal Fuse or relay location for Opera lights?

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    A voltmeter would help your troubleshooting to find out where you have power and where you don't.

    On the amp note, I am finding it much easier to run wires back and forth and side to side on this vehicle than a regular car. If you take out your back seat (bottom pops up from behind, and the seat back comes off with something like 2 or 3 screws, it will make running wires back there much easier.

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    Replace fuse first and check

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIMOJESS View Post
    Replace fuse first and check
    At the time didn't have any 4 amp fuses. So went and got some, replaced burnt one and still only part of the lights were lighting up. Replaced the other fuse that appeared fine and all sets work! Went to get some bulbs and now find out the guy gave me fuses! Does anyone know the correct bulb number for these? I plan to get those xenon led style but right now not looking to spend $120 on them until I start making some money with this thing.

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    They may be hard to find locally but you can order them from MTG.

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    Yep MTG has them thanks for that info Lgal. I used my 4 good bulbs like the previous cheap skate for now and just have one middle bulb in each middle bezel.


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