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Thread: Got my first Limo over the weekend!

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    Exclamation Got my first Limo over the weekend!

    Hey all, got my starter car this weekend, a 2000 TC Krystal 6 pax. Car was owned by a limo company albeit selling it because they were shady business and prob going under and could tell he was very nervous. It's actually not a bad car, I worked on it all weekend so now it's running good. Can anyone tell me where the second battery is located on this car? I had to hit the power switch to start the car because the starter batt was completely shot. Also the car had a misfire which turned out to be a crack in one of the plugs and the furthest plug on the left bank firewall was not even changed with the others when I took it out to replace them all! Tires are mismached with little tread and one silver wheel but chrome is in the trunk, car floats even with crappy tires lol! Brakes are a bit spongy and squeak and the car needs an alignment. The paint job can tell is a quickie but the interior is very nice and all the stuff works in the back. Has 160K supposedly but who knows if that is actual being this guy was so shady. Anyway in the end it's a great driving and working car. My plan is to get the other repairs done and get started with this car to see how it goes. If it goes good will buy a better car once this thing is making money and just keep it for the backup car or put another driver in it. There is no way he had this car in service as it was a safety nightmare and this guy sent us out knowing all these things and we had a 400 mile trip! I was in the car biz so I knew all these probs would be easy fixes for me so pulled the trigger after he adjusted the price. I don't think it's a good time to get into the business but the car is paid for so my overhead will be very low as I will be the driver as well. Time will tell!

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    They can be in a couple different places. First place to take a look is in the front looking straight down from behind the grill. Second place is on the inside of the passenger fender towards the front bumper, should be a inspection plate to remove in the fender.
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    Just curious. What did you pay for it? On my Krystal the aux battery is right in front of the right front tire. There is a cover plate for it, if it's still there.

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    Oh ok now that you both say that I did see the batt underneath up in front of the pass wheel while changing the oil but didn't think much of it, thought it was a control box because of the tag on the side..Lgal, I picked it up for 5 grand which I figure is a throw away price for a limo no?

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    $5k for a 2000 6 pas, in less than perfect condition, sounds about right. If you can fix it up and make money with it that's great.

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    Yeah it's presentable enough for my use, I can do most of the labor so in the end with new tires should have around 6k into it. I looked around quite a bit and it's pretty hard to find them in this price range and I was specifically looking for a 6 pass which seems harder to find than the 8-10 pass which I would have no use for at this time or if ever.


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