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Thread: Hummer H3 Krystal 2006 mother card requested...

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    Default Hummer H3 Krystal 2006 mother card requested...

    I own in my fleet a H3 hummer 140" from Krystal 2006 and need a complete mother card (the one that care about all the rear lights and sound ..) . We try to make it repair here in France (Paris) following to a bad battery connection but our electronic shop says they couldn't do more than they already do (change 2 small components) because it's a 3 slide mother card and some connections could be cut on one of this slide. As Krystal is now close and even MTG couldn't help. ...
    Thanks for your help .

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    Call Lionel Michel, he may have what you need.


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    Thanks a lot ...but I try to get him ...and he seams very difficult to reach . Any web site or email ?

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