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    Is anyone here using technology to increase their business in new ways?

    A product featured on "Shark Tank" called the Breathometer is a portable breath tester. For about $50, this device plugs into your smart phone and it will check the BAC of the user. If you've had too much to drink, you can request a car service with the push of a button. You guessed it, Uber was right there to slide into that spot.

    This is why Uber is killing it out there despite the fact that the limo industry hates it. People that use it, love it. They love the technology and ease of use. Of course, they don't realize how it really short changes the person running / driving the sedan. But that is not a discussion that I want to start in this thread.

    Is anyone out there really using any type of technology in an innovative way to draw clients in?
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    I custom make DVD's with music videos of the playlists they provide me. They just tell me their list of favorite songs, I look them up on YouTube, download them with RealPlayer downloader, trim off any useless parts at the beginning or end with the RealPlayer video, and them burn them to DVD with WonderShare.

    It really helps set the mood for the passengers. Classical music, pop, bog band, etc...

    Next I am working on an iPad karaoke setup where they look up the videos on YouTube (almost all songs have a karaoke version on YouTube) on my iPad, and when they play the video, the sound for the video with a microphone will be mixed into the limo speakers. I use a mobile hotspot from Verizon for the connectivity.

    For me, my passengers are free-loading friends and family, but it seems like these would be good differentiators that would help draw in customers and repeat customers while perhaps being an upcharge service.

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    Although that is a nice touch, I don't think it will really drive volume to a limousine business or create demand where there wasn't one before. No one will decide to book a limo because of the custom DVD option. It might make them choose one limo company over another, but very few people will opt to use a limo service over driving themselves to where ever because of the DVD or entertainment system.

    Here's the thing about on demand car apps for smartphones. 10+ years ago when I lived in downtown Chicago, I would have never, never, never imagined calling on a black car service to take me and my friends from our apartments to the Saturday night hotspots in the city. I simply couldn't afford that type of luxury. Now, push a few virtual buttons on my cell phone and for slightly more than a taxi, I can have a black car pick me up and drop me off as needed, in style, in a clean, nice car. You see, the app didn't steal any business away from another operator in that instance because if it wasn't for it, I would have never used black car service for that particular occasion. So you see, technology has increased demand for black car service. The other part of it was that it answered a question almost no one asked.

    Now responsible people can check their BAC to a reasonable level and then "hail" a car to take them home instead of driving if the number they see is too high. Many people simply drive because they don't realize they are drunk but wouldn't drive if they knew they were over the limit. Of course hard core alcoholics probably won't be interested in this devise, but many light drinkers might. It's small and portable and somewhat novel. Blow into it, see concrete numbers on the display that might persuade you to not drive home. There you have it, demand has increased for car service. Prior to this devise, these people would not have even considered calling a car service to take them home. They'd just think, I'm buzzed, but okay to drive and then do so. Now they see .11 and know they are over the legal limit and decide it's not worth the risk to drive home and use a car service. How do you link these things together to drive the increased demand to your service? Or what can you imagine driving people to use your service where they wouldn't before?

    This is the future of car service in a society in which almost everyone has a car if not multiple cars. You have to aim your marketing to answer the question, why would someone need a car service when they own a car and can easily drive their self?

    I guess if you had a great idea, you wouldn't post it on a public forum for everyone to see!

    My goal is just to stimulate people into really thinking. Limousine marketing and advertising, even in a large city such as Chicago, is so stale and boring for such a luxurious service, it just doesn't make sense. And therein lyes the problem with why people don't want to pay decent prices for limousine service. They haven't been shown the value of it.
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