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I have been following this thread and I just didn't want to step in because, frankly, I wasn't sure what to say. We are very appreciative for having Men in Black Transportation as a partner client for over two years and sad to see them go, but wish them the best of luck.

I first found this forum a few years ago and only planned to write one post as a response to someone looking for a Fleet tracking option suited well for a fleet that changed out their vehicles often. I am not sure of exact numbers, but I believe we have had well over 40 businesses find us through this forum and almost all of them are still with us today, although we have no contracts. We are sincerely grateful.

Regarding the new pricing above, we just posted it to our website on Friday, in preparation of the Labor Day weekend. We are not lowering our existing device prices, we have negotiated a lower price based on higher quantity from our device manufacturer(who is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ-just so it's clear we haven't switched to some cheap option) for a brand new device they are putting out. While it's been tested extensively, it's brand new and and as such we actually don't have them yet. We had anticipated shipment next week, but we aren't 100% sure exactly yet. All that to say, we are not offering a discount to some and not to others... the new pricing is for a new device which we just didn't have and weren't for sure of initial delivery or final price-point until the last week or so.

That said, because we have had a great relationship with MIB Transportation, whomever buys their devices, I will work to see if we can offer a free month of service for each device. We pretty much never do this because of our low margins, but they have always been great to us.

As a side note, We are releasing our downloadable app for IOS and Andorid, in Beta, hopefully by next week!
Once again an example of Virtual Fleet Supervisors excellent customer service. VFS has always provided us with great service.
Thank You