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Thread: [Comparison] Limo Anywhere & Fasttrak Cloud

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    Default [Comparison] Limo Anywhere & Fasttrak Cloud

    Hey All,
    Wondering if somebody has tried both Limo Anywhere and Fasttrak Cloud. I have heard a lot of good things about Limo Anywhere. We are in a middle of transitioning from Fasttrak to Cloud version.

    Cloud version has its knick knacks, but I would love to see what all my fellow operators have to say.

    Happy 4th of July, look forward to see some input.

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    That is exactly what I am interested to know.

    We are currently use fasttrak desktop version. It works well.

    We need to move to cloud based solution and already tested fasttrak express trial version. The web interface is not not very smart. When booking a trip, we need to scroll the screen, that is annoying. It should use tabbed interface like desktop version so that it is easy to navigate.

    I have not test windows client with Cloud backend yet, I hope it will be similar to desktop version.

    I talked to saleman Limo Anywhere and have not see the demo yet.

    It will be appreciated if anybody with experience of both product can give more detail information for the comparison.

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    I am a 10 year fastrak server user.

    Tried to move to the fastrak cloud but found it more confusing.

    So we decided to duke out with the old system. We have ten years of data on it.

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    Jim and halolimo:

    My opinion is obviously going to be biased, so I strongly encourage you to explore our system to its full extent and compare us to FT side by side.

    As you may already know, Limo Anywhere is used by over 3100 active operators in 36 countries.

    Our system is used by operators ranging in size from one car to well over 100 and our customer base ranges from small limo operators to Fortune 500 corporations.

    The feature set is very extensive and our system is modular, which allows you to pick and choose components as needed.

    It is not a one-size-fits-all system, but we have been able to accommodate a very large number of business models over the past nine years.

    More than half of our customers don't just use our reservation management tools. They also use us for their websites and hosting, which integrates seamlessly with the online booking system.

    Once again, please be sure to view a demo of our system and explore every feature it has to offer.

    Feel free to reach out to me personally as well either through this forum or PM.

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    You know what would really seperate a Limousine Software company from the rest of the crowd? DOT Compliance!! Im not really sure how fasttrack is setup in regards to drivers having the ability to do status updates through the DriverAnywhere App, But LimoAnywhere you have all the information already inputed through the app, why not use it to make operators compliant. That would be an oppurtunity to out shine your competition (even the big ones)..... Just my opinion, all of us are ultimately transportation companies above all, why can't we have a software that encompasses DOT compliance?? Anyone who would like to chime in, be my guest. In fact if you are a current LA user, visit the following page and vote for it. I know me personally spend WAY to much time with these logs, lets hear some opinions!

    If you are interested in voting to have LA to be DOT Compliant go here and VOTE!!:
    Very Respectfully,

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