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Thread: Krystal Coach A/C Wiring real hot right before main panel , Battery gauge fluttering

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    Default Krystal Coach A/C Wiring real hot right before main panel , Battery gauge fluttering

    The connector that goes into the main panel behind the front seats is getting pretty darn hot (visible damage from long time exposure to high amperage). It goes to directly to the box with all the air hoses on it behind the psngr seat in a KK Suburban. The battery gauge flutters a LOT when in use. Anyone have insight into's WAY to hot here to be out in the heat right now!!!

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    If you are not careful, you'll be the next stretch we here about burning up. For you battery guage to be jumping, you definitely have some high draw/s going on. You'll need to narrow it down to correct it. If your blower motors are getting older and turning harder that could be a definite problem spot. If your wiring has been getting that hot, you could have wiring that is also grounding but not enough to create a dead short. Make sure any fuses in your control panel are the proper amperage and haven't been change to temp fix a circuit that is popping fuses. From reading your other post, it sounds like this unit may have some electrical issues that are starting to become more prominent. Look at as much of your wiring harness to see if you can find repair spots. If you find any, make sure that the guage of the wire is the same as the original. Also looking for sharp areas that can have damage the shielding on the wire in these areas. Make sure you don't boil your battery as well. Wiring is a nightmare to trace out without a wiring schematic. Most of all, good luck!!
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    Thank you, I'd like an easier less sobering answer though
    JK, I appreciate it and I'll report back when I get back to it

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    If anyone needs a similar type 2002 suburban limo, i have one for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nite2RememberLimo View Post

    Thanks, that's what it looks like....exactly what it looks like in fact thanks!!!

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    Another problem is that the fuse rating for those wires/connectors is too high. If something is going to burn up, it should be the fuse first and not the connectors/wires -- that's the whole point of the fuse -- to be the weakest link in the chain.

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