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    Good Afternoon All,

    I plan to launch my limousine service right after 4th of July here in New York. I'm looking to focus my services primarily with airport transfers and the corportate market here in New York City. I'm looking for help about deciding which car is best suitable for this kind of work.

    I know the black/black Lincoln Town Car is the standard vehicle for this kind of work. The one I'm currently looking into has 35k miles listed at $25k. The problem with this is that I'm not a big fan of the vehicle and was going to purchase it solely because it's a great car for this kind of work. There are other luxury sedans for around the same price that I preferred more and would like some of your input on the pros/cons. I was looking into the black/black Cadillac STS which is similar in price. The body has remained the same from 2008-2011 and there are some good value on the 2008 ones in my area. I'm a little reluctant on purchasing anything older than 2010 because of wear/tear on the interior and possible exterior paint fading. I'll look closely into these when I go purchase the vehicle.

    So what I wanted to know from you guys is is a black/black Cadillac STS a good vehicle for this kind of work? Will customers accept this as their "luxury black car"? Or should I stick to the Lincoln Town Car since it has a proven track record for this kind of work? Please keep in mind, for what it's worth, I'm trading in my current vehicle to purchase my luxury sedan so it will also be used as my personal car.

    Any help/input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    If you want a Cadillac, go with the DTS. It's better for farm in / out work if you are using an industry standard. Or go with a 7 series BMW, Audi A8L, or Mercedes S Class if you want to go more upscale.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    To avoid history repeating itself I am going to ask you to read the following thread:

    If you believe that you fall into the same category as icarus13chux please disappear.

    If you plan to do things the legal way and get all of your proper permits, licensing, insurance and provide professional service then I hope you will stick around and I wish you luck. From here on out it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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    When your car gets beat up on the mean rugged streets of Manhattan, you are going to wish you had the workhorse Town Car instead of the Cadillac. Especially when the repair and maintenance bills start to pile up.

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    Range Rover limousine would be a great choice !

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    A Cadillac will never give you the miles a Lincoln Town car will give you. Cadillac parts and service can get pricey, and Lincoln Town Car parts are usually pretty reasonable. I like the way a Caddy looks, but it comes down to practicality, not looks. Lincoln for the money is no doubt your best bet. Foreign vehicles are nice, but again pricey to maintain and usually a bit smaller inside the cabin area and trunk. Now if you feel daring, look at the KIA 200,000 mile warranty or 20 years!!!! WOW that is impressive, but can you find a KIA you like when it comes to comfort and style? Good Luck in the Big Apple and watch out for the crazy Hacks.
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    I agree, cheaper to maintain which is one of the important factors when starting up. Most people care about the price not looks !
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