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    Can anyone relate effective ways to sell a limo? Both online ideas (other than the LIMOS.COM site, which I may add is FANTASTIC) and "real world" methods would be appreciated...not to mention the lower cost and free methods are preferred.

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    In my bias opinion, the best way is here because it is the most trafficked, and better yet, free.

    There are some other online sites that charge you for listing your vehicle. Yet, I don't see them advertised anywhere, or not even in the search engines. So, beware of paying "fees" for getting your limo advertised online.

    Remember, if no one visits the site, its useless to you and your car won't sell.

    Try contacting some of the limo dealers, maybe they can advertise your limo for sale on a consignment/advertising fee basis.

    Two companies we advertise are:

    Perhaps they can advertise your limousine for sale on their pages in exchange for a consignment fee.

    Then you have the magazines -- with slow run times this may not be a good alternative. Place your ad and the run doesn't appear for months.

    I'd stick to online avenues and immediate placement newspapers. Maybe the Limousine and Livery Trader is a good start as they have a quicker time to publication than LCT and LD.



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