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    Post Upstate New York????


    I am considering adding a Limo service to my existing business. I am located about an hour north of Albany NY. I have been searching the internet as well as this forum for information regarding rules and regulations with no luck. I have no idea what is required and would appreciate any information! I'm looking for info on the deference between having a 6, 8, or 9-15 passenger limo in NY regarding registration and insurance? Also is a livery plates required for all limos? Only asking because I've seen a few limos with what looks like a regular passenger plate. Is there any other licensing I need to know about? If I start out with 1 vehicle and I'm the sole operator of such vehicle can anyone give me a rough idea what insurance would run me? I know there are several variables but I'm just looking for a rough idea. Also any information anyone could provide regarding Upstate rules and regulations I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Call your State Police and talk to the Bus Inspection Division. They can tell you what rules will apply to different size Limousines. Here in Ohio a Limo that is built to carry more than 9 passengers requires a Bus plate not a Livery Plate. At 16 passengers the insurance rates change from 1.5 to 5 million. Some larger Limousines require a Bus Inspection and stickers on Limo also. New York will more than likely have some rules like that . We have also found that the BMV will give incorrect license plates with out much problem. The don't know the rules very well and go by what Limo owners tell them or don't tell them

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